Join Us! Summer Camp 2017

Our class is hands on! Pre-K ~ 5th Grade

8 Weeks: 6/12~8/11/17
(No Class: Independence Week)

Convenient Three Choices

1. Morning Music Camp 9:00AM~12:30PM

       Bring Snack No Lunch Break $325/week

2. Morning Music Camp & Plus A Bit Camp 9:00AM~ 3:30PM

      Bring Snack & Lunch $350/week

3. Morning Music CamP Plus A Bit Camp

    & Fun LEARNINGCamp 9:00AM~6:00PM

      Bring Snack & Lunch $375/week

Courtesy Discount from Legato

    •    No $50 Registration Fee!!
    •    The student who registers by 4/30 (Sat) will Receive $25 off.
    •    The Student who registers two weeks will Receive 2nd week $25 off.
    •    The Student whose siblings register will Receive 2nd child $25 off.
    •    No multiple discount will be given (One time only.).
    •    For saving the seat. Non-refundable $100 deposit will be asked (Part of the camp fee).
    •    Drop off -will accept 10min. earlier than camp's starting time.
    •    Morning Music Camp Details - Please see back!