Meet the Principal, HARUNA SHIOKAWA-MO

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Note from the Founder

First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and for the interest you have shown in Legato Music School. I believe that studying music is a wonderful life time treasure for all children and adults.  
As I went through hard and difficult times, music was always with me to keep me going forward. I would like people to be soothed and encouraged by music in the same way during their own moments of struggle or misfortune.  After many years of private teaching for regular and special needs students in elementary and middle schools in the Cupertino Union School District, Charter schools, and Private schools, I strongly believe music can transcend everything --- Races, Nationalities, Genders, Ages and so on.
I hold our instructors to high standards, in order for students to better learn in a relaxed, friendly, and family-like environment. I expect that instructors understand how musical skills are learned, and how each individual student is best taught. I also expect that our faculty will communicate with parents to inform them of the student's progress and their expectations for practice, in order to further improvement at the student's learning pace.
I strongly believe learning music is more than just learning technique. It is also about learning to think critically and independently on how we can interact and engage in our world, and to be responsible, respective, and caring of others.  It is my wish that our approach to music and teaching will help you grow as a musician and as an individual. Legato is open to anyone who is serious for his/ her goals or for the people who simply want to enjoy music. We are always ready to help your needs. We are looking forward to sharing this musical experience with you and getting to know you as a musician. Thank you.
Haruna Shiokawa-Mo

Meet the Teachers!


"Miss Haruna is a wonderful piano teacher ever!  She's super nice and dedicated.  I had  piano lesson with her since I was seven years old (I'm 13 now!).  I really enjoy going to piano class every week and thanks to all her hard work."

-E.Ho Middle School Girl (Student)

"My son has been taking a drum lesson from Mr.Tim for a while and we have been very happy. First of all, he is very organized and well prepared. Also, he is very nice and know how to teach young kids well. My son was happy because he could start songs that he knows well. Most of all, Tim makes learning music fun!!"

-E. Sung Elementary School Boy (Mom)

"Mrs. Diana is a wonderful teacher. Our son William enjoys going to his lessons. He has improved tremendously under Mrs. Diana. She has the patience with younger children which is very important from our perspective as we have tried other teachers in the past with less success. We highly recommend Mrs. Diana for parents with younger children. Legato Music School has been very supportive and accommodating to our request with regards to lesson schedule, and teacher switch request. It helps alleviate our stress when our concerns are always given high priority."

-Wong Family (Middle & Elementary School Boys)

"My daughter & I loves this music school. She has a wonderful singing teacher that she has been seeing for a few years. The owner & staff are very friendly.
The school has lots of talented teachers for you or your child's musical needs."

-D.Itow Elementary School Girl (Mom)

"My teacher gives me criticism which is constructive without being harsh, and gentle without being overly lenient. My lessons have helped me improve by leaps and bounds and have guided my ventures into musicality beyond note-heads on paper. Going to Legato to pursue my musical education is very important to me, and I always look forward to continue my progress."

-F.B. High School Junior (Student)

"Legato Music School has been great and wonderful for my family. I've been with them for 7 years and they have always been professional and courteous. They have a wide array of choices and trained teachers. On the one occasion when a situation with a teacher has not worked out, or we switched instruments, Legato Director has talked me through it and always worked with us to help find the right teacher to match with my sons. With my three sons, each one has great connections with their teachers, growth in their skills, and love of music. Legato has been flexible, accommodating, and worked out scheduling all of them within our busy schedules. They are personable and help your child to love music and continue to figure out ways to improve with feedback and parent-teacher conferences."

-C.Pak (Middle & Elementary School Boys)

"Ms. Mimi has provided a supportive and challenging learning environment for our daughter. By appropriately pushing her, she has been able to experience the thrill of consistently learning music slightly beyond her skill level. Even though she has struggled at times, this has given her the opportunity to grow her interest and enthusiasm in learning piano, thanks to Ms. Mimi."

-H.Arai 5th Grade Girl (Mom) 

"My daughters have been students of Legato Music School for the past five years. The teachers are very nurturing and patient. There are many opportunities for recitals and performances. The principal of the music school loves to work with kids and to promote music in their lives.The teachers are willing to work with the students to fit in the lessons and the students' other activities and genuinely care about their students not just about their music lessons."

-S.Su Middle & Elementary School Girls (Mom) 

"We are very fortunate to have Ms. Yuiko as our daughter's piano teacher. She is very passionate about teaching piano. She teaches piano the way my daughter can easily understand. This piques my daughter's interest to learn new skills. We especially love that she emphasizes playing piano with emotion in her lessons. Our daughter tries to play with emotion and we notice big difference."

-Y.Kihara Middle School Girl (Mom)


"Mr. Nick Hewett is the best teacher for trumpet!  His lesson is always well-planned and organized.  I learned so much and improved not only as a trumpet player but a musician.  He is very professional in his teaching, where he shows a lot of dedication to the lessons.  He not only helped with my school band  music, but he also helped me many auditions like the All-State Honor Band and the California Youth Symphony.  He introduced me to many musical opportunities outside of school."

- I.Ngo. High School Boy (Student)

"I have always loved classical music in particular and keep regretting my not finding the time to learn to play an instrument. When Natalia asked for taking piano lessons I thought it was just a try to follow a trend among her friends, but I was delighted to observe how she enjoyed her learning and playing and to find her quick progress thanks to the care and passion of the faculty at Legato Music School. I thank her teacher and Legato for my feelings when taking a peek at the waves of quick notes printed in the scores that Natalia manages to play and learn so confidently now, and for the sense of joy and development that we experience at every recital by Natalia and her music school peers."

-Jose C. Middle School Girl (Dad)

"Ms. Tril is an amazing flute teacher who I've Learned a lot from over the past eight years. She is very patient and will always try her best to help me out if I struggle with a specific melody or technique. I am very grateful for everything she has taught me and will continue to use the skills I have learned throughout my flute playing career."

-Megan P. High School Girl (Student)

"Legato Music School has a lot of good teachers that care about you. They have an environment that has been improving from its already good state. My two kids enjoy learning different instruments with the fully supports from the director and teachers. It’s not only a place where you can learn technically but also a big family with sharing and care. Definitely recommend you or your kids come here to explore the joy of music with a group of people with the same enthusiasm."

-S.Wang Middle School Boy (Mom)


Student Awards

2 Carnegie Winners Concert (1).jpg

Music Teachers Associations of California

Certificate of Merit Panel/Panel Master Class/State Honor Roll

Many (2009~ current) --- in Piano /Voice /Wind /Strings


United States Open Music Competition

Jonathan Mo Sonata & Concerto Saxophone 3rd Place 2014

Ryan Porter Concerto Saxophone 3rd Place 2015/2016


Music Teachers Association of California

VOCE Competition State Final

Nikhita Iyar Voice Solo 1st  Place 2009/2010

Ken Kuroda Voice Solo 2nd Place 2009

Nikhita Iyar/ Ken Kuroda/ Sumika Shiokawa

Ensemble 1st Place 2010


Music Teachers National Associations Competition

Elena Bronder-Chang Voice

California Division 1st Place 2015

West Regional 3rd Place 2016

Meghna Kaligotla Voice California Division 2nd Place 2016


Carnegie Hall Honors Performance Series

Meghna Kaligotla National Choir 2016




       American Fine Arts Festival Internation

       Competition Winners Performance at

       Carnegie Hall

        Leena Iyar Voice Solo 1st  Place 2009

        Nikhita Iyar Voice Solo 1st Place 2009/2010/2011

        Neha Nuguru Solo 1st Place 2010/2011

        Ken Kuroda Solo 1st Place 2010

        Elena Bronder- Chang Voice 1st Place 2014

       Leena Iyar & Nikhita Iyar Duet 2010

        Nikhita Iyar & Ken Kuroda Duet 2011

        Jonathan Mo Saxophone

        Russian Romantic Music Solo 1st Place 2014

        Concerto Solo 2nd Place 2014

        Ryan Porter Saxophone

        Romantic Music Solo 2nd Place 2015


       America Protégés International Competition

        Ryan Porter Saxophone Concerto 2nd place 2016

        Performance at Carnegie Hall, NY


       Carnegie Hall Honors Performance

       High School Choir

       Meghna Kaligotla Voice


       Youth Focus Competition

       Advanced High School Categories

        Mindy Wu Piano  Grand Champion 2017

        Aditi Mahajian Flute  1st Place 2017


       California All State Band

        Ichiro Ng Trumpet


       California All State Choir

        Meghna Kaligotla Voice