Meet the Principal, HARUNA SHIOKAWA-MO

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Note from the Founder

First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and for the interest you have shown in Legato Music School. I believe that studying music is a wonderful life time treasure for all children and adults.  
As I went through hard and difficult times, music was always with me to keep me going forward. I would like people to be soothed and encouraged by music in the same way during their own moments of struggle or misfortune.  After many years of private teaching for regular and special needs students in elementary and middle schools in the Cupertino Union School District, Charter schools, and Private schools, I strongly believe music can transcend everything --- Races, Nationalities, Genders, Ages and so on.
I hold our instructors to high standards, in order for students to better learn in a relaxed, friendly, and family-like environment. I expect that instructors understand how musical skills are learned, and how each individual student is best taught. I also expect that our faculty will communicate with parents to inform them of the student's progress and their expectations for practice, in order to further improvement at the student's learning pace.
I strongly believe learning music is more than just learning technique. It is also about learning to think critically and independently on how we can interact and engage in our world, and to be responsible, respective, and caring of others.  It is my wish that our approach to music and teaching will help you grow as a musician and as an individual. Legato is open to anyone who is serious for his/ her goals or for the people who simply want to enjoy music. We are always ready to help your needs. We are looking forward to sharing this musical experience with you and getting to know you as a musician. Thank you.
Haruna Shiokawa-Mo

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