Where do lessons take place?

Lessons all held at Legato facility. Our teachers will not commute to student's house.

How often and how long are lessons?

Our lessons are set as weekly lesson (30min/ 45min/60min.).

It is possible for us to arrange two times lessons per week for student

who are aiming certifications, competitions, and college applications.

Do you offer an opportunity to meet a instructor?

We offer 30min. Trial lesson to simulate the lesson with teacher

with a fee of $40/30min. We highly recommend for student and parent to meet with the

instructor. Parent and student will be able to see if he/she will feel comfortable with the instructor and ask questions about lesson and the instrument.

What type of Lesson do you offer?

We primary offer “One on One private lessons.”  

Semi-Private lesson will be arranged for siblings/ relatives/ friends.

Group lesson is only offered to the students who are the beginners through intermediate (min. 3 students~Max. 6 students for hands on teaching).

What are the cancellation policies?

We know that you have a busy schedule and we want to make sure you feel you are getting the most out of your lessons. We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. All student and teacher cancellations are made up

.A lesson that is canceled less than 48hrs, by the student, will be charged in full and will not be made up. When student is sick and notice was late, we only make up one lesson per school year. With doctors note, we will give a make up.

We also ask student to submit the certain document for family emergency, long term

medical condition, and traffic accident.

Can I take lessons on an every other week basis?

We do not offer every other week lesson. We highly recommend that you take lessons on a weekly basis. We do offer lessons every other week, but you may want to wait until you have the time to take lessons on a weekly basis. We find that students who take on a weekly basis learn at an exceptionally better. In the end, it’s more economical and efficient to take lessons weekly.

Are there lessons on weekends?

We offer lessons on Saturday. Sunday's lesson will be held with

mutual agreement with instructor.

How do I know I am going to be studying with a qualified teacher?

98% of Legato Instructors hold Masters or Doctors degrees in music.

All of the instructor has music degree from universities and conservatories

in the United Sateds and from all over the world.

What type of Certifications and Classes do you offer?

We offer Certificate of Merit (CM), MTNA (CAPMT),ABRSM, RCOM,

and Piano Guild (American College of Musician). Teacher will decide which certification is suitable to each student. Student is highly recommend to take 45min. Or

60min. Lesson with 45min~60min. Theory class to cover all the requirements

to be well prepared.

How many times can we re-schedule lessons or be absent from school. We have the following absences with 48hrs. Advanced notice.

Informed Absence to make up (I/A) 5 times per school year

Excused Absence to let go (E/A)  4 times per school year

Summer time: When student goes long time vacation

Miss 6 weeks --- Use 4 excused absences and 2 informed absences.

More than 8 weeks --- Temporary withdraw from school and pay $40 re-registration fee

when he/she resumes. $100 deposit (will be part of the lesson fee) when resumes)

to keep the instructor (The same time slot will not be guaranteed).

Can I stop taking lessons at any time?

We ask student to give us a written notice with 30 days prior to the last day of the lesson.