Student Awards

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Music Teachers Associations of California

Certificate of Merit Panel/Panel Master Class/State Honor Roll

Many (2009~ current) --- in Piano /Voice /Wind /Strings


United States Open Music Competition

Jonathan Mo Sonata & Concerto Saxophone 3rd Place 2014

Ryan Porter Concerto Saxophone 3rd Place 2015/2016


Music Teachers Association of California

VOCE Competition State Final

Nikhita Iyar Voice Solo 1st  Place 2009/2010

Ken Kuroda Voice Solo 2nd Place 2009

Nikhita Iyar/ Ken Kuroda/ Sumika Shiokawa

Ensemble 1st Place 2010


Music Teachers National Associations Competition

Elena Bronder-Chang Voice

California Division 1st Place 2015

West Regional 3rd Place 2016

Meghna Kaligotla Voice California Division 2nd Place 2016


California All State Band

Ichiro Ng Trumpet 2017 - 2019

Aniket Mahajian 2018 - 2019





American Fine Arts Festival Internation

       Competition Winners Performance at

       Carnegie Hall

       * Leena Iyar Voice Solo 1st  Place 2009

        *Nikhita Iyar Voice Solo 1st Place 2009 - 2011

        *Neha Nuguru Solo 1st Place 2010/2011

        *Ken Kuroda Solo 1st Place 2010

        *Elena Bronder- Chang Voice 1st Place 2014

       *Leena Iyar & Nikhita Iyar Vocal Duet 1st Place 2010

        * Nikhita Iyar & Ken Kuroda Vocal Duet 1st Place 2011

        *Jonathan Mo Saxophone

        Russian Romantic Music Solo 1st Place 2014

        Concerto Solo 2nd Place 2014

        *Ryan Porter Saxophone

        Romantic Music Solo 2nd Place 2015

*Elena Bronder- Chang (Voice)

Aditi Mahajian (Flute 1)

Andrew Chang (Flute 2)

Eula Billaut (Piano)

1 st Place Romamtic Music Ensemble 2017


       America Protégés International Competition

        Ryan Porter Saxophone 2nd place 2016

        Performance at Carnegie Hall, NY

Sumika Shiokawa Piano 3rd place 2012


       Carnegie Hall Honors Performance

       High School Choir 2016-2018

       Meghna Kaligotla Voice


       Youth Focus Competition

       Advanced High School Categories

        Mindy Wu Piano  Grand Champion 2017

        Aditi Mahajian Flute  1st Place 2017


California All State Choir

Darica Louie 2014-2015

Meghna Kaligotla Voice 2016-2018