Guitar Teachers

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Jorge Bravo

Acoustic Guitar (Classical/Pop & Rock & Jazz)

Jorge Bravo received his bachelor of music degree in classical guitar performance. He studied under Yale alumni Steve Lin and a former member of the San Francisco Guitar Quartet, Patrick Francis. Jorge enjoys working with children of which is why he works at a local youth center. He hopes to inspire students to reach their full potential in music and is an efficient instructor on the technical aspects of classical music as well as pop and jazz. Jorge has experience as a teacher of afterschool and summer school programs at Discovery Charter School, San Jose, and Harker School. In the coming semester, Jorge will be applying to graduate schools to further his musical knowledge. At Legato Music School, he is the only guitar teacher who works with students who wish to apply for guitar certifications, for example, Royal Academy of Music International (England based) and other such names.

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sergio elisondo

Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Drum Set, Recording Techniques (Pop & Rock)

Mr. Elisondo earned a BA degree in sound design and development as a music major and his MA degree in child psychology and counseling at San Jose State. He has been playing the guitar, bass, and drums for many years as both part of punk/rock bands and a classical guitarist. Mr. Elisondo enjoys playing videogames and watching action/comedy movies in his free time, and is a big fan of X-Japan. Sergio is currently working at Nintendo. He also teaches the guitar and drums at Cupertino, California, and the Cupertino Union School District’s and Discovery Charter School’s after school programs. Sergio works very well with children, and he frequently asks his students to bring their own songs, so that they can play their favorite music. Currently, he composes Nintendo’s game music.