Tuition and Policy

1. Lessons

Signing up for Private or Semi-Private Lessons requires a commitment of at least 3 months. Students may request to change the instructor up to 3 times. 

Group lessons can be registered for every semester. Students will not be able to move to another class until the completion of the group class.

Tuition for the month is due on the 9th. A fee of $20 will be charged for late payments. If no payment is received by the end of the month, lessons will be suspended until payment is received. A 3% service charge applies to all credit card payments. An additional $30 fee will be charged for after the month payment.
$30 fee for returned checks.


2. Tuition

*Private Lesson

Standard Rate:

$45/30min. $60/45min. $75/60min. 

Advanced Teacher Rate: 

$48~$50/30min. $63~$65/45min. $78~$80/60min.


*Semi-Private Lesson (Sibling/Friend Beginner Only)

$40/45min. Only


*Group Lesson

$30 (45 min. Max 6 Students)/ $40 (60 min.) 

New students must pay a registration fee of $50 to Legato Music School ($40 for additional students). Returning students pay a reduced registration fee of $40 ($30 for additional students). Group lesson tuition will be installed in advance every session prior to the class. Tuition for the month is due on the 9th of the month. A fee of $20 will be charged for late payments. If no payment is received by the end of the month, lessons will be suspended until payment is received. A 3% service charge applies to all credit card payments. A $25 fee will be charged for after the month payment and for returned checks.


3. Drop-Off, Pick-Up, Late Policy

Lost time due to a student's late arrival will not be made up. Legato Music School and its instructors will not be held responsible for students whose parent fails to pick them up on time following the conclusion of his/her lesson. A $15 fee will be charged for every 15 minutes that a student is left at Legato without supervision.


4. Absence Policy and Rescheduling

Informed Absences (I/A) and Excused Absences (E/A)

If a student is unable to attend and are willing to make up their lesson, they may request an Informed Absence (I/A). A make-up schedule will be provided depending on the teacher's schedule. Otherwise, if a student must cancel a lesson entirely, they may request an Excused Absence (E/A). There will be no make-up and no charge for an Excused Absence.

Students must notify both the school and the instructor at least 48 hours before an Informed Absence or Excused by e-mail at and fill out an Informed Absence Form or Excused Absence Form available at the front desk. Students may take up to five (5) Informed Absences and four (4) Excused Absences per school year.

Requesting change to be informed to both instructor and school by e-mail. We will accept the phone call request only for emergencies.


Sick Absence (S/A)

If a student is unable to attend due to sickness or injury on shorter than 48 hours notice, they may request a Sick Absence.
Students may only take one (1) Sick Absence per school year. After that, it will be considered a N/S unless accompanied by a doctor's letter, in which case the lesson can be made up.


Family Emergency (F/E)

In the event of an emergency such as family loss/injury or serious personal sickness/injury, the student may request a Family Emergency. A make-up will be provided depending on the teacher's schedule.
Students must provide a doctor's letter, traffic accident report, or other legal document as proof of emergency.


Instructor Requested Rescheduling Lesson (I/C)

If the instructor requests the student to reschedule, the student has three options:

  • A substitute teacher may be assigned on the scheduled lesson date.

  • A make-up schedule may be provided depending on the teacher's schedule.

  • The student does not attend the scheduled lesson date. No refund will be provided.


No Show (N/S)

If the lesson is cancelled without a 48 hour advanced notice, it will be considered a N/S.
In case of last-minute change in school-related activity, a letter from the teacher may be submitted to be considered for a make-up. 

Summer Absence
Please ask us.


Group Lesson

There is no make ups/ refund if a student misses the class.


5. Withdrawal (W/D) and Temporary Withdrawal

There is a three (3) month minimum for private lessons. One (1) month notice is required to discontinue classes. After a student has given notice of withdrawal, he/she may not request Excused Absences. Legato Music School reserves the right to terminate lessons to any students without notice. In such a case, a refund for unused lessons will be given. Students may pay a $100 deposit to guarantee the same instructor upon return from withdrawal. However, Legato Music School cannot guarantee that lessons will be at the same time as before the withdrawal.

6. Special Events


Legato Music School holds two recitals per year at Legato or an outside venue. There will be one Student Recital in Winter and one Honor Student Recital/Faculty Concert in Spring. Teachers will nominate students for the Honors Recital, and each student will have an audition. The recital fee will be $15 at Legato and $35-$50 at a large outside venue.

Evaluations, Auditions, and Competitions

Students will be provided with opportunities for various local, state, national, and international evaluations, auditions, and competitions such as Piano Guild Audition, Certificate of Merit, CAPMT, and related MTAN or MTAC. Participation for these events will be decided by his/her instructor.

7. Holidays and Breaks

Lessons will not be held during any holiday observed by Legato Music School. However, students may contact teachers directly for lessons during this time. * School Calendar in the Event/ School Calendar tab.







登録料$50 (同家族からの追加登録は$40)
















I/A Informed Absence(メークアップ可能)担当講師のスケジュールを確認の上で、代替えレッスンが受けられます。


E/A  Excused Absence(クレジット可能)代替えレッスンをご希望されない場合は、レッスン料は翌月の請求書から差し引いた形で請求されます。年4回まで取得可能

S/A Sick Absence (病欠)


Family Emergency(ご家族の緊急事態)







No Show(無断欠席)











毎年2回、2~3月に生徒によるリサイタル、5月にHonor Student Recital and Faculty Concertを、選抜された生徒と講師による合同リサイタルを学校外のホールで行います。



Piano guild Audition

Certificate of Merit





7月4日 Independence Day

11月第3木曜日 Thanksgiving Day

12月最終週―1月1日 冬休み