At Legato, we offer more than classes!

Affordable Instrument Rental

Exclusively for our current students only!


The rate will be 10%~$20% less than renting from other instrument business stores.

Our renting fee will be unbeatable!!

This rent will be depending on the instrument, model, and the year made. Please ask us at the front desk if you are interested in.

Please contact us at info@legatomusicschool and ask for Instrument Rental Agreement Form.


Quality Recording

Legato Music Provide Quality of Recording for:

        *Band/ Ensemble


        *College application major/minor/supplement

         (Provide accompanist with Fee)

        *Competition (Provide accompanist with Fee)

Legato Music will be able to recording service for band recording, competition/ audition, and college admission.

Our Recording Instructors will use the newest technology learned in the top Music Schools in the United States such as Berklee School of Music. Guaranteed!--- Legato Students will receive a better rate than other recording studios in the area!

Please e-mail to info@legatomusicschool  or call to (408) 517-1115.

Recording 1.JPG

Facility Rental at your Comfort

We have a room rent available for private, ensemble, band practice and even for classes/meeting. Rate will be vary for the room size and hours of rent.

Practice/Rehearsal (Band & Ensemble)/ Lecture/Master Class

$20/hr. Grand Piano and Drums Big room

$15/hr. Small Practice Room

If renting is longer hours or many days, the fee will be less than the above.

Please e-mail to  or call to (408) 517-1115 to inquire for Facility Rental Agreement.